3 steps select right gadgets for you.

3 steps select right gadgets for you.

Before find what you like, you have to find what is your equipment model number, to find is that gadgets suit for your item is more important than the gadgets looks like.

Shipping fee is very important. The shipping can be very doggy for some of the sellers; they will charge you a lot of postage when they try to tell you the gadgets price is cheaper than others.

Feedback can make you understand how the sellers are. Sometimes when things go wrong, buyers will try to contact seller or leave feedbacks, so read feedback before you click buy now is also helps.

To find the right gadgets is not easy, however if you can follow this 3 steps, you can make the things more easier.

How to choose the cellphone mobil phone case?

How to choose the cellphone mobil phone case?

Smart phones are very popular, followed by iphone accessories also very very hot, the major manufacturers in order to cater to the smart phone user demand, the production of a large number of mobile phone protective shell (cases) and protective film (screen protectors).

Selection of Caution

• Material – There are many mobile phone protection shell material, listen up probably silicone, TPU, PC material, ABS, leather, metal material.
The cheapest is the silicone cases, many shortcomings of the silicone user dissatisfaction, so gradually lost the advantage. Also this it’s difficult to heat and poor process, we don’t think this one of the best choices anymore.
ABS material is relatively harder; it’s great mobility, colouring and surface coating and electroplating performance advantage.
TPU is one of the most popular materials, it can be one of the good options as well, TPU can be hard case and soft case, and it can protector the phone much better than silicone.

• The products work is a key measure of the product is good or bad. Good workmanship coupled with high-grade material showing perfect product, there are many factory always try to bring the cost down on the workers, this won’t help to get the perfect products.
• Prices- the price war is happen anywhere on internet now. There are few good places to sell cellphone cases with the good price, the products included iphone 5 cases, iphone 4 cases, iphone 3gs cases, even they sell many of ipad accessories like ipad2 cases and ipad 3 cases. The quality is much higher than other gadgets shop.
If you go to buy the cases online, you better to go the largest online gadgets store – www.thegadgets.co.nz, or you can try their trademe store to see if you can find any of the case you like, they are the largest because they have more than 2000 different style to choose from, to find the right one with high quality you can just view their reviews.
Anyway, hope this will help you to find the right gadgets you like, we love cellphones, we love smart phones, so we need right cellphone accessories for our phones.

What should I do if sound card is not working?

What should I do if sound card is not working?

Sound card is not working is very a common problem now, what should we do if the computer or laptop stops making sound?

Check your computer setting first, make sure the sound setting is correct, the voice is high level, and speaker is on.  If all of the setting is correct, then your sound card is not working well.

Do I need to buy a new sound card? How can I install a sound card? Where to buy?

Those are big problems if you are not a professional computer person. No, this is not a problem if you can just use a little gadget. – USB SOUND CARD

This sound card can just plug in and play, suit for all windows system, no computer skill required, there are many different colour to choose from. This is the easiest way to fix your sound card problem no matter you are using laptops or desktops.

There are many usb sound cards you can buy from the market; there is a good website who sell the cheap computer gadgets and overnight shipping to anywhere in new Zealand, this might can help you to get your sound back asap?

Who bring the coolest gadgets to NZ?

There are many cool sellers on trademe who can bring lots of cool gadgets to New Zealand.

Top one is kittypan

who start the business from 2005


2nd one is LX2001, he is more in cellphone area than others.


3rd is digitalera, he got the most feedback, however seems like he is not as good as before. still the old way to do the business.

next one is digitalboy, he is selling more big items than others. like phones etc.


there are many others, however kittypan got the most of popular products with 99.7% high rate feedback. compare with others, he is the lowest price on trademe as well. i heard they are starting to do their own website which allows $6.00 postage for unlimited items or order over $49.00 can be FREE SHIPPING. this is a really good news, the website is www.thegadgets.co.nz , it has a lot of products like ipad cases, iphone cases and much much more.