What should I do if sound card is not working?

What should I do if sound card is not working?

Sound card is not working is very a common problem now, what should we do if the computer or laptop stops making sound?

Check your computer setting first, make sure the sound setting is correct, the voice is high level, and speaker is on.  If all of the setting is correct, then your sound card is not working well.

Do I need to buy a new sound card? How can I install a sound card? Where to buy?

Those are big problems if you are not a professional computer person. No, this is not a problem if you can just use a little gadget. – USB SOUND CARD

This sound card can just plug in and play, suit for all windows system, no computer skill required, there are many different colour to choose from. This is the easiest way to fix your sound card problem no matter you are using laptops or desktops.

There are many usb sound cards you can buy from the market; there is a good website who sell the cheap computer gadgets and overnight shipping to anywhere in new Zealand, this might can help you to get your sound back asap?

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